Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I love The Room, I'm tired as hell

Writing about The Room really is one of my favorite things to do.  I could do it all day and Tommy Wiseau simply gives me endless amounts of content to write about with just a single film.

Still, I am exhausted.

Currently, I write for three blogs and I give at least 20,000 words of myself to the world for free on a weekly basis.  Because those websites have readers, and I do not (But I appreciate so much those of you share my appreciation of The Room and my little snippets of internet space that I take up on my musings) then I have to prioritize this site last.  My own little baby of a beautiful blog, it is neglected and sometimes ignored.  Not unlike breast cancer!

I will not give up though!  I will fight on!  And I'll keep updating this site as regularly as I can.  I've already nearly given up on my tumbler account because thats FIFTH AND SIXTH priority! 

If you want to follow me there are several ways to do so in the meantime:
on twitter @casetines
If you like witty fantasy sports talk, read my onion-style football stuff on
If you happen to be a Seahawks fan, or you want to read about a football team in a fashion that is almost entirely unlike any other team blog, go to
I write on both of those sites under the name Kenneth Arthur
Trust me, I think you'll like it.  Maybe.  I hope!
Finally, I just started contributing to a dating/lifecasting blog thats wildly popular called
I think my next post there is going up tomorrow.
Check me out and keep reading and keep checking in here!
My almost defunct tumblr accounts are and
Both film related, but with a twist.


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