Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"In a Minute, Bitch."

Juliette Danielle, aka Lisa, once said in an interview that the hardest scene for her to get through was when Tommy was on the other side of the bathroom door and said "In a minute, bitch."

This was not hard for her to get through as you might assume it's hard for Danielle Day Lewis to get through a scene in My Left Foot, though there are many parrallels between The Room and My Left Foot and the quality of acting that a DDL brings to the table.

No, it was hard for her to get through because she needed to hold back the laughter.  Now, a request:

Dear God,

Whether you be Jesus or Buddha (wait, not a God right?) or the Indian Octo-God, please bring me the full Blooper Reel from the set of The Room for Christmas.  Don't miss a single cut.  I don't care if it's eighteen hours long and I imagine that it is.  I'm totally free this weekend.  Don't screw me on this like you did last Christmas when I was hella good and you didn't bring me photos of Andre the Giant taking a dump.  I mean, come on, you have to imagine that those dumps were so big that Jeff Goldblum would walk by and say "That's a lot of shit."

Don't screw me this year Santa.  Wait, who is this letter to?  I want to see the hijinx that went on during filming of The Room. 

I want to see the entire filming of the Chris-R scene, unedited.
I want to see the final score of the alley football game.
I want to unsee Tommy Wiseau's butt, so can you include some hypnotism footage that will erase that moment from my memory?

I know I've already scene one blooper scene because it was put into the movie.  The "Hi Doggy" scene which was clearly only a one-take scene, but a magical one.  Flesh that shit out to a full two-hour movie like that other Anchorman that they did. 

I haven't gotten enough of The Room, so please bring me more Ghandi.


PS - No seriously, LOVE ME!

I think that should work.  I will share with you when I'm done, but if you come too soon to see my special footage, when you knock on the door the response from me will only be,
"In a minute, bitch."

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