Friday, January 29, 2010

The Chris-R Scene

Though I have my own personal favorite scene in the movie (I'll give you a hint: its less than a minute long but really steals the show) I would have to say that the Chris-R scene is perhaps the most dominating and thought-provoking scene in the movie.

Armed with so much non-sense, and so many random happenings, it's perhaps the MVP scene of the movie.  It's like saying your favorite quarterback is Donovan McNabb, even though he's obviously not quite as good as Peyton Manning. 

So to write about the entire scene in one post just wouldn't be possible without hitting 20 pages and boring you to death.  We have to break it down piece by piece.

Let's start with the "Just gimme five minutes" line from Denny.

Really Denny?  The money is gonna be there in five minutes?  This is either a lie so that Denny could buy himself an extra... FIVE MINUTES... or another completely random character shows up on the rooftop after the scene ends with however much money Denny owes Chris-R.  Because it probably couldn't be a character we already know since they all somehow SHOW UP ON THE ROOF.

Denny, what were you going to do when five minutes had past and no money was there?  "Gimme another five, just another FIVE!  Come on, lets toss the football."

"But you have a basketball this time"

"Oh, huh, thats weird."

Also, for Chris-R... if the money was that important to you, you couldn't wait five minutes to see if Denny was telling the truth? 

Come on Chris-R, give him five.



    An improvied scene with Phil Haldiman (Denny) and Mail Order Bride improv. Let us know what you think!

  2. Denny stole the show for me with his sound effects during football throwing scene!! Ffishh!! Go Peter!!! Bizarre..