Monday, January 25, 2010

Oh, Hi Readers: Why We are Here

Let’s get past the easy stuff first. If you are at this website, I’m going to assume you have watched the room AND know who Tommy Wiseau is. If you haven’t or you don’t, that’s perfectly fine and acceptable. I encourage you to watch the film or even just read about it.

I got plenty of pure enjoyment out of reading about The Room before I ever saw it, and it didn’t ruin the film for me one iota. Trust me, there is so much to this movie that it will take me quite a long time of writing this website to have ruined every tidbit of The Room.

When Tommy Wiseau says you need to see his movie “at least four times,” he actually makes a good point. Not unlike Memento, there are many layers to this film and trust me you WILL miss things in your first couple of viewings.

The line that sold me on having to watch the room, “I DEFINITELY have breast cancer,” came and went so quickly (just as advertised) that I didn’t notice it through my first TWO viewings of The Room. And that’s even when the chapter of the scene has “CANCER” right in the title.

So much goes wrong in the 99 minutes of The Room that you have a hard time keeping up. It seems as though every day I can think of another scene, moment, or line that makes me shake my head in disbelief. Tommy Wiseau made more mistakes than NBC’s late-night lineup! (Current events humor! As to help me date these posts when I read them 10 years from now.)

I will go over a lot in this blog. Things like analyzing each scene and where it went horribly wrong, the cultural effect of The Room, and what exactly constitutes “Worst Movie Ever”?

Because as far as the “Worst Movie Ever” title goes, there is definitely cause for debate.

For instance, would you eat the “Worst Apple Ever”?

Would an NBA team sign the “Worst Basketball Player” ever? (The Clippers notwithstanding. Let’s hope they haven’t won any championships by 2020 or I’ll have egg on my face!)

But I will tell you that I can watch The Room over and over again. How can it truly be the “worst” when I’d much rather watch it 1000 times than ever sit through P.S. I Love You again. (Though that came out when I was in a relationship, I sadly admit I saw it alone months later when I was single. And yes, it’s horrible even by the standards that its a romantic comedy starring Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler.)

So with all of that I give you My Thoughts on The Room. I can’t help but admit that it accounts for at least 5 percent of my daily thoughts and that definitely warrants me starting a journal to get those thoughts out of my head and onto a worldwide medium. Many years ago Tommy Wiseau did something similar with his thoughts, and now look at the beautiful mess that is: The Room.

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