Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"I like to watch"

One of the greatest things about Tommy Wiseau is that he allows the viewer to make up their own mind on who each character is and their relationship to the other characters.  At least, that is what I would like to believe his intent was when Denny was introduced in the first scene, dressed and acting as if he was a 12-year-old, and looking as if he was in between the ages of 16 and 28. 

The audience is left pondering "Who are you?!" 

We don't know if Denny is a neighbor, friend, son, brother and little information is given to sway us one way or the other. 

However, our confusion gets pushed to another level when Denny insists on watching Lisa and Johnny have sex. 

And at this point we really still can't even eliminate Denny as being a family member.  I think within the first five minutes you are so awestruck with what you've already seen that nothing will surprise you.  And later when we find out that Denny is an adult that Johnny wanted to adopt, really he is like family.  Family that wants to see Mommy and Daddy pillow fight and watch Daddy hump Mommy in the belly button, and oh by the way is in college or close to it. 

However perhaps the most disturbing thing about "I like to watch" is this quote from Tommy Wiseau from his interview on theavclub.com:

"to relationship between two is better than one, or three is better than two, or vice versa, two is better than three—you know, when Denny says, “I like to watch,” look at kids today. I have nephews myself. And I say, what are you doing here? “Oh yeah, I just want to watch.” In a very innocent way."


Dear God, if even 10 percent of this movie is based on Tommy Wiseau's real life, I think we have a serious crisis on our hands.  I'd hate to think that Chris-R is a real person too or that he's the favorite customer at ANY flower shop.

The more I think about it, I also have to point out this little tidbit; why are Johnny and Lisa so rude?  Can you hold off on the sex until after the adopted man-child leaves, rather than saying "We are going upstairs now and you can't come." 

Have you ever been over to somebody's house and they immediately said they were going up to their room and it was obvious it was going to happen?  I know Johnny was a real romantic guy just then with the present he bought you, but give it a rest Lisa.  You'll have your nips covered in rose pedals in no time.

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