Sunday, July 17, 2011

Don't Ask Why, Ask Why Not?

I think the most common question people ask about The Room is, "Why do you play football in tuxedos from a few feet away?"

Sure, this is not a common practice.  However, is it the first time in human history that it has happened?  Probably not.

Zakoo Turtle 51 Sawyer Nena

That's probably the first time in human history that sentence has been written.  Now that's an accomplishment.

But how unlikely is it that you'd be at a wedding, the groom and groomsmen are standing around, someone has a football.  We're in tuxes, so how gritty can we really get right now?  Let's just toss it around, talk about life.

It probably was weirder when they threw the ball around in the alley in regular clothes.

The more important question to ask is whether or not we should all be out tossing the football with friends in formal wear.  How often are we really doing fun outdoor activities with loved ones?  We're stuck at the computer, the TV, Netflix, and online video games.

Johnny wants to connect with the people in his life.  They probably just need to be more careful.  Twice playing football within a few feet of each other someone got injured.

And has anyone in human history ever been burned as badly as Peter?  I mean, he got pwned by Denny.  BY DENNY!  "Gee, your clumsy Peter."

I'm thinking this is why Peter probably walked off of the set.

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