Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Poem for Johnny, by Mark

I once had a friend
He filled me with joy
He told me not to worry
He'd laugh like a boy

"Hahaha, good story"
He'd always say
He'd always encourage
Fun football play

I once had a pal
And his name was Johnny
I miss his voice when he'd say
"That's fonny"

A favorite customer
To all shopkeepers in town
He'd buy his future wife
A lovely red gown

Then everything turned
It was all my fault
His future wife seduced me
The wound filled with salt

Things were falling apart
For that best friend of mine
Life full of betrayal
Spoons burned in his mind

He cared about me
About Lisa and Denny
But his job fell apart
Would he lose every penny?

Lisa spread lies that he hit her
Did he get caught?
He'd walk out rambling,
"I did naught, I did naught!"

I couldn't believe it
I slept with his future wife
And all he would ask me is
"How's your sex life?"

I felt so bad
About indiscretions
But then I got angry
Did not learn my lesson

We pushed Johnny down
To a place that was dark
Never again would I hear
"Oh hai Mark!"

Johnny is gone now
The gun was the end
I miss you my buddy,
my pal and my friend

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