Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Huffington Post Waits 8 Years to Write Article on The Room

I know that there are polarizing opinions on the Huffington Post.  For me, it's just fine.  I am not an avid news reader or news watcher and I like to stay free of politics.  So, I won't go there.  What's more important to me than political news is news on The Room.  When can we finally get a 24-hour news channel for Tommy and friends?  A las, we must wait.

Just like we had to wait 8 years for the Huffington Post to write nearly the exact same article I've read at least twenty times so far.  I understand that The Room is still an "underground, cult classic" that many people still haven't heard of.  Allow me to step outside my own brain for a moment and try to get a grasp on the fact that the majority of America is still in the dark about this movie.  But if I'm also allowed to be cynical for a moment; we get it. 

Here's the link

A lot of people go to the midnight screenings.  They throw plastic forks.  There's an only-once-mentioned-moment of breast cancer.  They toss a football four feet from each other.

Holy shit, did I just sabotage my own blog?  Uhhh... ignore everything I just said!  (What do you mean I can just delete that and not post it?  Does not compute.  Internet thoughts must go on.)

Anyways, what this article does have is an interview with Tommy Wiseau.  So please, read it so that you can see that even Tommy is getting sick of this process:

What do you think about the crowd's reaction?

I like everything. Express yourself, don't hurt yourself. Move on next question.

And new gems like this:
"we all experience experiences with people."

We certainly do Tommy.  We certain certainly do.

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