Monday, September 19, 2011

Tommy Wiseau to Star in Web-series That Reviews Video Games

I consider this to be one of those ideas that seems amazing on the surface but will ultimately be a disappointment. 

According to what I read in this article from The AV Club, Wiseau will basically play video games and tell you what he thinks about them.  And why should I start doubting the AV Club now?  Or fact.  It seems like its fact. What with a trailer and all.

But The AV Club also gave me doubts because of their mention of the other thing that Tommy Wiseau did that is apparently stupid.  Basically, if you gave Tommy Wiseau a camera and a task, I think it would be very enjoyable to watch.  Give Wiseau the power to be himself and let the magic happen organically.  This sounds like it has writing and direction and that's disappointing unless the writing and direction is coming from Wiseau himself.

Anything with Wiseau is worth giving a shot.  The idea of him playing Resident Evil and trying to understand how to do that and what it means when "My character is no moving.  Why am I no alive anymore?" is amazing.  Then again, what if he's like that kid from The Wizard starring Fred Savage and he's an autistic video game genius?  I think this is just as likely and twice as exciting.

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