Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Is Creature Going to be the Next "The Room"?

You can't intentionally make a good bad movie.  You just can't do it.  And I don't challenge you to do it.  Those who attempt to make schlock end up with just that: schlock. 

We don't want your pathetic attempt to be pathetic.  We want a pathetic attempt in which you gave it 100%.  Tommy Wiseau gave his everything to The Room with the belief that he was making a modern classic.  James Nguyen made Birdemic and took it to Sundance or Cannes or some festival like that believing that he would get recognized as an up-and-coming Alfred Hitchcock. 

There are films that attempt to be B-Movies and I like those just fine.  The Grindhouse double-feature attempted to be low-budget and look low budget and it worked because it was funny and two amazing directors poked fun at a wonderful niche genre but they are master directors.  Tommy Wiseau is not, but its his own personal belief in himself that made him a master at being terrible. 

On the other side of the coin is movies like Piranha 3D, My Bloody Valentine 3D, and Shark Night 3D.  Movies that don't pretend to be anything more than they are: Gratuitious blood, sex, and nudity and not anything groundbreaking.  So they are fun movies to watch with or without 3D. 

So in this review of Creature I have to ask myself: Is this a low-budget movie that doesn't care about being anything special and just fails?  Is it boring or is it loaded with unintentional laughs?  I don't think the makers of Troll 2 had any idea that what they were making their actors say was utterly ridiculous and would make an audiences jaw drop like "What?"  Wiseau had no idea what he was doing when he told Lisa to say "What kind of money?"  It just happens.

Will Creature be anything like that?  Is the director (hopefully) that incompetent?  In my life I have only seen 3 bad movies that can truly say they live up to The Room: Tommy Wiseau's masterpiece, Birdemic, and Troll 2.  Nothing else has ever quite been THAT bad and THAT good at the same time.  Others have been suggested but mostly failed to be anything more than sad and forgettable.  Creature looked more like Adam Green's Hatchet to me, a movie I actually like, but now I'm much more interested in seeing Creature to find out what category it really falls into. 

I'm officially giddy.

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  1. Wicker Man isn't in the same league as The Room?