Tuesday, August 9, 2011

When is the Name "Chris-R" an Improvement?

When your name is Dan Janjigian.

Dan has been getting janjiggy with it with the Armenian bobsled team apparently.  No, seriously, check this out.

It's hard for me to give 100% confirmation because of Chris-R's (sadly) brief time in the film and because the tough as nails gangster is only seen with a beanie on, but this Dan Janjigian currently resides in Southern California and has a passion for acting. 

Dan is very proud of his Armenian roots and wants to show his pride to the world by terrorizing poor little Denny and having very little patience in that he can't wait 5 minutes for his money.  Dan, just give him 5. 

Too bad he is now in jail.

You can support Dan's website http://www.webcage.net/ if you'd like. 

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