Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Where's My Money Denny?" by Chris-R

Chris-R isn't the best rapper.  But he's passionate about it.  Here's the yet-to-be-released Chris-R rap song...

Ha-ha!  Yeah... it's Chris-R here.  The R stands for rapper.  You's about to find out why!

My name is Chris
Don't forget the R
If you owe me money
You ain't gettin' far

When I'm chillin
You can find me on the roof
Reaching for the stars
Not lookin' like a douche

I wear black
As a matter of fact
Black ass tank top
Black ass cap

Yeah its true
I'm always pushin drugs
Buyin, sellin, giving
I don't give a fuck

Now this punk ass kid
He owes me lots of pennies
So I ask you again

Where's my money Denny?
Where's my fuckin' loot!
Where's my money Denny?
You're gonna get the boot!
Where's my money Denny?
I need that cash
Where's my money Denny?
I'll kick your fuckin' ass!

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